prose of the day

so a bit of a life update.

didn't manage to move out last weekend - but i have a job interview out there tomorrow, so (if i get the job) i'm going to have to move this weekend for sure.
yeah - superstore. as a cashier. heh. should be interesting. yep.

in other news, have fallen in love with a couple of bands recently - Dommin and We Are The Fallen.
i heard about both bands from some friends who went to a HIM concert at which Dommin and We Are The Fallen were also both playing.
We Are The Fallen is interesting because three out of five band members are originally from Evanescence, but who left or were kicked out, as the case may be. so yeah. check out the linkies i linked. yes.

and i think that's about it. love you all, i'm outta here. got more packing to do! ♥

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