days 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, & 5: yes i fell off the planet.

damn. sorry guys. guess i got busy - and didn't manage to take any special photos to make up for it. now i feel really bad.
oh well. i got some good screencaps of the u2 concert that was streaming LIVE on youtube last night...
awesome concert, too - i <3 U2 muchly.
not that these'll entirely make up for almost two weeks of non-countdownishness.....


day 17 - more cemetery filler. sorry.

and the website i'm moderator of is now up and running: http://www.fashionstudentsonline.com - if you're at all interested in fashion, go check it out. the premise is that information is free to anyone, no matter who the hell you are. so if you want to learn anything about fashion or sewing, go on over! and i'm there too, so you can say hi if you came from my blog :)


days 21, 20, 19, and 18 - i sincerely apologise.

happy thanksgiving to all the canadians out there - and a heartfelt apology to the followers of my countdown to halloween. it was a long weekend, what can i say? plus i was gone saturday through sunday (eeeee! got to see the boyfriend!), and worked yesterday. on the stat holiday. ugh. at least i should get time&½.
and i really should go out and take some more photos. soon. very very soon. anyway, for now:



day 23 - one of my pet peeves...

... is this.
you know when you go trick-or-treating, and you walk up to someone's house to ring the doorbell, and you can see they've made an attempt to decorate. some carved pumpkins, whether elaborate or amateurish, a couple of fake bones sticking out of the lawn, that kind of thing. and then they have some artificial spiderweb - you know, like this stuff:
although, i grant you, they usually have the white stuff out. shows up better at night, you know.
... anyway - it usually looks like someone sprayed fake snow on everything. all lumpy. looks nothing like spiderwebs. i HATE that.

chances are, you already know this. but i don't care - i'm going to show you how to REALLY set up fake spiderwebs. consider yourself tutorialled.

the photo above shows how much came in the package i bought. you might have more or less, i don't know - but one or two packages is really all you need to do a whole yard properly. course, that depends how big a yard you have, but honestly, you're not going to need ten to do up two trees and a couple of bushes.

because look at that bit on the right that i pulled off the whole. and see how much is still left. okay? now keep reading.

i'm going to be working with that smaller piece. watch this. (oh yeah and i'm leaving my hand in these photos for an idea of the scale.)

i'm starting to stretch it. it's already at least doubled in width.

same piece, just more evenly stretched. it's probably four times the original width, at least, probably more like five or six. you can tell i didn't measure.

so then i'm putting it on my bedroom door. that bit on the door is just one little side.

and THIS is the rest of it, the bit i haven't put on the door yet. look how much is left!

and the long view of the whole door in progress.

and now for a bit of time-lapse - i totally didn't take pictures of the middle bit. lol. anyway. the finished front of the door.

the finished back of same door.

front, close up.

front, even closer up.

and here's the thing. if i'd had more places to hook the web on, i could have stretched it even further, and it would have looked better yet. and remember, i still have that whole giant piece left over. so the trick, boys and girls, is to stretch fake web as far as you can before calling it quits, and the resulting treat is spiderweb that looks realler than the cobwebs in your attic.


end tutorial.


hair: the latest installment (in photo-journal format.)

This is me, four days ago; the queen of bedhead. srsly, that is how i woke up that morning. no product or nothin' in there. nasty, hey?

This is what my hair looked like - see those roots.

And a closeup of the roots:

But I decided to cut it all off. cos i didn't want to spend extra money re-dying it. so i asked my dear daddy, last friday, to take the buzzer, with the longest comb he could stick on there, and he buzzed my head. this is the resulting pile of black.

And here again is the black, now on the dustpan, as i'm about to throw it out.

And finally, the resulting squelchie:

from here i'm planning to grow it out again. should take me about two years or so, since that's how long it took me before when i shaved my head the first time.
going into work with my hair like this was fun, got so many comments!
and one of my managers asked to feel it, so i let her. it was funny.