tranquilize me
so i can pretend
like i'm not here any more

give me a drug
i'll hide away
i promise, i'm not here.

i won't be here any more
i'll leave you well alone
drug me up and let me be
don't worry about me, i'm fine.

anesthetize me
so i can pretend
like i don't feel any more

please sedate me
i'll stay in the corner
i won't bother you again

i won't be here any more
i'll leave you well alone
drug me up and let me be
don't worry about me, i'm fine.

numb me now
knock me out
dope me up
desensitize and
medicate me
i'll pretend,
i'll hide away

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010



it's traffic jam meets tornado
a foreign language all its own
you're melting down despair
with a good dash of confusion
and i'm stuck in the tar you've made

somehow my message got lost in the sea
i clean my glasses but still i can't see
your thunderstorm is still smashing my trees

only the distance that i've created
saves me from the disease
but it's like a double-edged sword
cos now i'm all alone with your pain
and i'm stuck in the cage i've made

somehow your message got lost in the sea
i clean my glasses but still i can't see
and my thunderstorm is smashing your trees

go away
i can't take any more
no, no, come back
i'll live
i'll live
i'll live and
your thunderstorm is smashing my trees

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010

happy birthday to me!

well.... not really to me; more accurately, to my blog. yes, that's right. today is my blog's first birthday. and i was hoping to have something special for it, but that will have to come later. for now, my special thing will have to be the news that jeff and his family have found a house! yay! it's a sweet house, too.

so yeah. that's about it. and my special birthday treat will have to wait a while. but it's coming, i promise!


she's going to take my pawn...

a small child of my acquaintance sat down this evening to play chess with a 30-year-old doll of her acquaintance named Albertina. it was an amusing sight.

14th of march....

happy Pi day, everyone!


seven days

i had a week. it was weekish. with, you know, days of the week.

let's see. went to choir on monday; had people over for dinner on tuesday; saw jeff on sunday, tuesday, and thursday - i could get used to that; saw alice in wonderland (3D!!!) on sunday and wednesday; went on a walk to the park and took photos on wednesday; i applied for a job on thursday; oh yeah and i have to do my taxes tonight.

fun part about THAT is, i was supposed to sit on the phone with revenue canada for an unspecified but definitely long period of time to get my access code so i can do my taxes online - EXCEPT that ....

.... you're not allowed to do it online if it's the first time ever doing taxes.
which, imo, is rather retarded.
so now i have to do the paper version. woot.

and soy-wax candles leak vegetable oil. or something. cos you needed to know.


this is the response i got........

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining our _________ team. This is an automated response.

Be advised that your application is being forwarded to that store for consideration by the Store Owner or Manager. At the present time, most stores in the lower mainland are currently hiring.

In any event, your application will be retained in our files. Due to the overwhelming amount of applications we receive, only those applicants that are being considered for positions will be contacted.

Once again thanks for expressing an interest with us.


once again...

Last person you called?
my dad

Is there anybody you're disappointed in right now?

If you are being extremely quiet what does that mean?
can mean several things.
a) i'm really upset
b) i don't want to get involved
c) i'm just relaxed
d) i'm reading.

When was the last time you cried?

Do you have a best friend?
yes, yes i do. :)

Will you be in a relationship 3 months from now?
probably <3

Are you happy at the moment?

Are you a morning person or a night person?
very definitely a morning person.

Do you want to get married?
eventually :D

Do you think your pretty?
on my good days, yes. but those don't happen very often.

Do you have long eyelashes?
yes i do.

What are you wearing for a top right now?
AFI t-shirt

what color is it?

your hair is mostly?

have you dyed your hair?
um. yes.

what are you wearing tomorrow?
I have no idea!

do you wear lip gloss daily?

do you wear makeup daily?
no, only occasionally.


aha! bet you didn't see this coming!

so i'm coming up to a year on this blog, and the only comment so far about it has been a request for either a photoshoot or a poem. come on, people, don't you care what you read? but i may have a *special* photoshoot planned. hah.

anyway, look at me! →
i got my hair coloured today. my dear sweet cousin, who, by the way, was the lucky recipient of the baseball scarf from the last post, was so good as to colour my hair for me, and, if i so desire, she'll make it black if i decide i don't like the purple. yes, you heard me right. it's purple. *grins* a dark and rather subtle purple, but still of a violet hue. oh yes. and i may not even go to black, the purple's kind of growing on me. cos it was originally a bit of an experiment. so yeah.

and don't i look cute with that little black bow in my hair? yeah. i do.

so yeah. that's it for now, toodles, all! ♥

test-driving a christmas present.

yes, this is march. yes, i finished it yesterday. yes, it was supposed to be a christmas present. for dec 2009. yes, i'm ashamed of my procrastination.

but damn, i did good.

and if it looks familiar, yes, it's from a movie. three guesses as to which one, and the first two don't count.

anyway. it's done, and i'm going to bed now.


faintly heard.

bass vibrations, rhythms faintly heard
a voice whispering
do you hear it too?

as if in a tunnel or through glass
only barely discernable
and yet so insistent

i can't tell one word from another
though i know i ought to,
i know it's important

am i deaf? do i have cotton in my ears?
please, help me hear it
i'm so lost

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010