your face!

your facebook, that is.
i'm not addicted to face crack book, really i'm not.
i'm just on there every day, yeah, that's it. just on there every day. nothing to worry about.
i mean, it's not like i don't have a life, yeah. a life. i can have a life outside of the white-and-blue face network, i can, really.
i just - connect with people on there. yeah.
i can tell them about stuff, and see their stuff. and see those pictures they promised to send to me from that party last year.
i'm not addicted!


art for sale...

... and other stuff.
· so yeah art for sale: go to http://squelchbaker.deviantart.com/gallery/#For-Sale
and that's not all of it up, but i'm lazy and don't want to finish tonight. no, that's not true. i'm just tired. not lazy. yeah.
· um what else. oh yeah - a play i was in for a "festival" aka competition is going to the provincial "festival" - which i am very excited about, because i love that play.
· i'm hungry.
· i got a snazzy new granny dress to wear to my uncle's wedding. i know that sounds wierd, but trust me, it looks awesome. and it is new; it's from winners. so there. i will post a picture eventually. i just can't do it now. there's only so much time on a sunday night.
· oh yeah and i think i want to start running. and dad don't you dare say i told you so. i wanna try parkour or however you spell it. you know, that free-running thing. the funny thing is, i do that every time i go to the park. we have a park full of awesome trails. and there's another trail place i can go to of which i know of.
· i love abby sciuto from NCIS.
· my tummy is rumbling. i'm going to go see if i can find something to eat.
· lizzi out.



I wrote this poem for a friend. Then I realized, it's for me, too. I need it just as much as she does.

When I think about you,
you make me want to
Run away
and tell you how much your pain makes me hurt

When I see you there -
Tears making streaks on your face - I want to
Hold you
Comfort you
Dry your eyes
and tell you that I've been there - oh, I've been there

You told me all about it, all the pain
and I wanted to
Fix it
Hide you
Make it all go away
So you could have some relief from the echoes and the hurting

The answer is not in the running away,
nor in the silence that you want to keep
it's in the telling and
in the sharing
I've been there
I remember
it's a deep dark valley,
a valley of the shadows of death
and I've walked through it
let me help you
walk through it too

© Elizabeth Klassen 2009


of cameras and other bits.

yeah. i haven't posted. so bite me. i've been busy. gimme another couple weeks and then i can show you what i've been busy with, and then after that maybe i can post a little more regularly.

so, um, i guess i better go back to the subject of this post.
i have a digital SLR. very nice camera. it's my baby. literally (and yes, i'm using that word wrong on purpose. trust me, it bothers me too.). the only thing being that the pictures are like 8 megapixels each - making them werry werry yuge (yep, those are real words now. say them phonetically; it might help.). this in turn causes great space use on my computer, slowing everything down. fun. and then i have to burn them onto discs. and that's unpredictable and not very space-efficient. what wouldn't i give for one of them terabyte harddrives - the external ones.
i almost want one of those horrible point and shoots. the little teenager type ones. ew. i say ew because i know what one of the good ones can do. i have one of the good ones. but on the other hand, the smaller files would definitely be useful on occasion. i don't know.

anyways, i have to go to bed. but i'm still alive. and that's all i have to say for now. maybe later i'll come back and caps all the appropriate places - that's my OCD talking - but right now i'm too tired/lazy to do it.