and .... viciously gorgeous.

as a post-script to my last blog:
my good friend jessi came out to see me today. i met her at the bus station after the incident in my last post. i told her what happened, and as we were waiting to cross a street, who should come up behind us but No-Front-Teeth Sunglasses Guy.

guy: i know you, we talked earlier! what was your name again?
me: i never introduced myself. i'm lizzi.
guy: [fists out] i just have this urge to smack everyone i meet. but i talked to you, you're cool. [to jessi] you're cool too, what's your name? [pause] i own chilliwack. but not this part. but i'm working on taking over.
me & jessi: [smothered laughter]
guy: i'm also working on becoming absolutely viciously gorgeous.
me & jessi: [more laughter]
[light changes, we cross the road, laughing the whole way]

apparently i'm ... impressive.

well that was mildly creepy and somewhat amusing.
i was walking down a bike path, all gothed out, long black coat and eyeliner, and these two Native guys are walking towards me. one of them had sunglasses and missing front teeth, and as i'm walking past, this is what happened.
guy: hi
me: hi. [keeps walking]
guy: [stops me] you look ... impressive.
me: thanks. [tries to keep walking again.]
guy: you're so ... impressive. [pauses] my name is Chico186 and i'm impressive too. i own the city.
me: [mildly amused] i see.
guy: i like your eyes. do you like my eyes?
me: i can't see your eyes behind those sunglasses.
guy: [takes off his sunglasses, his eyes are all unfocussed, and he's got a black eye] battle. i've been in fights.
me: i see.
guy: i like you. maybe we should ... go for yogurt. or something.
me: [getting a little wary] i really don't have the time right now.
guy: but you're so ... impressive. and i really like you. i want to get to know you. [pauses] do you want to get to know me?
me: i'm sorry. i appreciate the compliment but i'm busy and i really have to go.
guy: okay. but you look so impressive. i really want to get to know you.
me: [walks away]


here i am.

so here i am,
i'm completely lost
and totally confused.
you're shadow-boxing
and fighting with ghosts
and it does no good
it solves nothing.

i want to comfort you
i want to help you
but i don't know how.
all i know is
i don't see the real you yet.
i see the layers
that you cover yourself with.

i can't fix you
for you.
that's not my job.

all i can do
is stand here
waiting for you
to be ready to be real.
so here i am.

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010


this WAS going to be a poem, but i changed my mind.

so just a quick update.
psalm 91 had a show in vancouver on saturday, it went pretty well, we get a video and an EP out of it, so that's cool.
i'm currently in a multitude of dilemmas, including one about where i'm going to live, and one about what i'm going to take at school, and one about what i'm going to do for a job, and one about what i'm going to do for transport (car???? driver's licence?????????? ehhhhh..... ), and the list goes on. so yeah.
jeff and i are coming up to one year dating, in a week - woot! love you jeff!
also, i got a new hole through my face on wednesday last week - i have a lip ring, bottom right. i WILL post pictures as soon as i can get my camera hooked up to a computer. have patience.
and yeah, i think that's about it for now.
love you all.



your breath is warm on my neck
as i shiver in the cold;
your hands are warm on my skin

i drink you in with my eyes
studying every pore in detail
i think you're incomparably wonderful

how am i so lucky?

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010