working at tim hortons

... has been interesting. i've learned a lot of stuff very quickly. for instance, they stuck a drive-through headset on me today - and it's only my fifth shift there. however - i simply must tell you about the best customers i've had yet in my five shifts working there. they came to my till this afternoon. i would say they were about in their late 40s/early 50s. they told me it was the first time they had ever been in a tim horton's. when i expressed surprise, they explained that they were from south of the border, and were here on a visit from florence, oregon, and just could not leave canada without visiting a tim horton's - so as to have the full canadian experience, of course. so we had a great time. she had a small ice capp, he had a small coffee with cream, and they took a box of ten assorted timbits as well. and they paid with american money - he thought it would just go $1-$1, but i explained there was a button for USD, that did the exchange for us, and he thought that was pretty neat. so yeah. i enjoyed serving them. and i hope i made their first tim horton's experience a good one. and yes, i know that sounds dreadfully cheesy. but i mean it. so there.


oh, i'm the type of girl that likes to roam around ... ?

so way back a couple of weeks ago i had an interview/tryout at a little inn as housekeeping staff. basically the head housekeeper took me around a room and showed me how they clean it, then had me do a room by myself. so i found out the other day that i get paid for that, cos i was kind of technically working for them. so i got my check this afternoon. only 12.75, but heck, any money's good right now. in the bank it went, and then i was going to use it to go pick up some stuff that i needed. so i'm waiting to cross a street, and this guy with wonky teeth comes up to me.

guy: are you going this way?
me: yes i am.
guy: i'm going to tim horton's. [waves a fistful of coinage at me] where are you going?
me: i don't really know where i'm going. [meaning, "i haven't made up my mind where i'm going to pick up the stuff i need."]
guy: you mean like you're a wanderer?
me: [chuckling to myself] i guess you could say that.
guy: it's funny how people don't know where they're going. wanderer is my word for people who don't know where they're going.
me: it's a good word. [cycles off as the light changes]

it seems to be my luck, to have oddball conversations with guys with odd teeth. see "apparently i'm ... impressive." "and .... viciously gorgeous." for previous examples. now not only am i impressive, i'm a wanderer. an impressive wanderer? um... okay. [insert expressive shrug here]


a different sort of post.

so in various blog posts so far, i have told you about things i've seen, things i've heard, things i've done, things i've thought about, things i've thought, etc. but i've never written a blog post about this before...

what i smelled today.

today i smelled waffles
and coffee, lots and lots of coffee
doughnuts and fresh bread
bathroom sanitizer (yech!)
hot tarmac
green leaves in the sunshine
sweaty people and sweaty people's deodorants
tea tree oil (i think one of my new coworkers uses tea tree oil shampoo or something)


i want to go back to bed now.

so it's been a while since i last posted any real kind of update.

 i'll start with the easy stuff -
my grandma got married on saturday, it was a sweet little wedding/reception/thing, and now she's off to the USofA for her honeymoon.
which leads into the next thing:
everything of mine is going back in boxes! that's right, i'm moving again, but i'm staying in the wack. i just got a job at Tim Horton's on friday and it's two minutes from where i will be living, so that's perfect.

less easy -
it's caused a bit of agitation and disquiet in certain quarters, but i'm purchasing a microKORG for use in our band. no, the quarters are not in the band. and if the quarters read this: no, i haven't changed my mind, and i'm not going to. it costs less than my DSLR did. so chill.

even less easy -
psalm 91 band had to say goodbye to two of our members. our bass player and our backup vocalist have decided to move on. blessings to you, chris and nicci, we all love you very much.
on the upside, jeremy has rejoined the band on bass; he was the original bassist from the cd and knows all the songs. had a couple of practices last week with him and it went so easily, and we all get along really well together - me, rich, jeff, leanne, and jeremy. it's pretty awesome.

so there it is, and here i am, and life goes on.


And you have a privacy policy why?

To whom it may concern:

I have a serious complaint to make.
Recently I began receiving newsletters from your company. To my knowledge, I have never signed up for your website or your newsletters, and nor did I ever want to. The only reason that comes to mind that could possibly explain why I inexplicably began receiving what I can only think of as SPAM would be that about two months ago I dropped off a resume at a Bluenotes location in the Cottonwood Mall in Chilliwack, BC, where I live.
In my mind, dropping off a resume is merely an application for work, NOT a request to have my address (whether email or physical) given out for gratuitous and uninvited mailings. I feel highly displeased that my information would be abused in such a manner, and as a result, I will no longer be shopping at any Bluenotes locations.
Please remove my email address from your mailing list immediately.
Thank you.