These questions will get rather deep and personal, can you take it?
i think i can.

Swear to me that you will answer them all honestly?
i'll do my best.

Are you a mean person?
can be at times, but i try not to be.

Honestly who was the last person's bed you slept in?
my own, but before that it was leanne's bed.

Where were you when you last took a shower?
in the shower. in the downstairs bathroom.

Have you ever changed in a car, what were you changing?
i've changed in a car before, i think i was putting on a skirt and taking off a pair of pants.

Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?

Is there someone who continuously lets you down?
hmmmm i don't think so.

Is there someone you don't want to be out of your life?

Is there someone you want OUT of your life?
well, before i was fired, i would have said yes for sure, but now that i'm fired, that particular person isn't really in my life anymore. so now i can't really think of anyone.

Is there a night you would like to put on repeat, and live it forever?
yes, yes there is. wouldn't you like to know.

Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?
several times.

What was the last thing you drank?
as in alcohol? a strongbow on friday night. as in just any ingestible fluid? tea, this morning.

Are you in a good mood right now?
ask me again when i actually HAVE a mood.

Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?
jeans. mmm i missed my jeans - couldn't wear them at work.

Are you wearing a ring?
seven rings, actually. hah.

Have you ever walked on the beach at night?

Do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?
i'm definitely a loud music kind of girl. but not so loud as to blow my ears out. hehe.

Is anything bothering you?
well, my lack of employment, perhaps - nothing else i know of, though.

Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
no - that just doesn't make sense!

When you're getting ready for something, do you listen to music?

Is there anyone you know that deserves to get slapped?
um, probably.

What were you doing at 7:00 this morning?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend smoked pot, would you care?
i would be VERY upset. like VERY VERY upset. thankfully, i don't think that's something i'll have to worry about.

Do you ever get good morning texts?
hehe yes. and i love getting them. :)

Is your hair clean?
yes yes.

What should you be doing right now?
probably cleaning my room so i can work on Teh Doomycloak tomorrow.

When was the last time you completely broke down?
probably friday when i got the boot at work.

Is your hair long enough to put in a ponytail?

Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?
hehe yes. it's kind of fun.

Ever made a prank phone call?
nope. and i don't plan to.

"we wish you all the best, it just didn't work out..."

so, um - as of friday, my employment with winners is terminated. they fired me.


so i am jobless. completely and totally. and kind of depressed about it, too.

on the upside, spent friday night at leanne's, and helped with her boys' fort on the mountain on saturday, and she made me poutine - first time ever having it. it was kind of odd-tasting.

so yeah. that's my life.


civilised? shoes?

so at work today i was in the fitting room again, and there was this guy with a pair of shoes. here's how the conversation went:

GUY: i found these shoes in my size and i want to buy this pair of shoes sometime. i probably shouldn't try them on, because i won't be buying them right away. is that the way to do it? because every couple of months i buy shoes. but i don't know if it's okay to try on shoes if you're not going to be buying them.

ME: it's okay to try on shoes, that's how you make sure they'll be comfortable for you.

GUY: are you sure? because i don't know if it's civilised to try on shoes. i just don't want to be uncivilised.

ME: everyone tries on shoes. it's okay.

GUY: oh, okay. i just hope it's not uncivilised...

and then he goes INTO the fitting room to try on SHOES. that's right. he doesn't use the handy benches at the ends of the shoe gondolas, he goes INTO the fitting room. and then comes out with them on, looking for a mirror, so i direct him back in there, cos that's where the mirrors are. LOL. good times.


isn't he cute?

mom picked up this adorable rat-beast from ikea for me today. isn't he so darn cute?

also, i'm trying to work out whether or not i can apply for a course at ufv. good gosh their website is not particularly intuitive or user-friendly. grr.

in other news, apparently it's band practice tonight (W00T!!! first band practice EVER for me.... hehe) - so now we're trying to work out rides and stuff for me. hah. i love it when things get complicated. so much FUN.

... never mind. practice is cancelled on account of leanne's got herself a migraine. poor leanne. :(


so i was just messing around...

with my brother's wacom bamboo he got for christmas - and this is what i came up with. yes, i know, he only has two legs. but for a first time on a tablet, it's not bad, hey?
yes, i took screenshots so you can see the progression. enjoy.


i wonder.

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to die.
i wonder whether there's pain first, or whether you can't feel a thing, i wonder whether consciousness disappears, like when you fall asleep, or whether you're aware of everything that's going on, aware of all your cells slowly running down to nothing.
i wonder what it would be like when your body has stopped completely, whether you are watching from inside your head, or whether you watch from somewhere else in the room - or if you even stay in the room; maybe as soon as the last cell has stopped functioning, your soul goes straight to heaven or hell - or limbo, depending what you believe.
would you still be able to feel what's happening to your body after you've left it? would you even care? could you go back as a ghost? would you even want to?
sometimes i wonder what it would be like to die. but i don't want to yet. so it's all good.


not the usual sort of thank you letter.

sometimes i can be a royal jackass.
sometimes my feelings run away with me
and sit making irrational noises in the corner of my mind.

thank you for being there
and for listening and validating my irrationality.
thank you for letting me know
how YOU felt.

thank you for our first fight.

because it wouldn't have been the same without you.
you're the best.


DVDs and GIR.

so i have discovered the delights of blank DVDs!

my camera takes bloody huge photos, so i'm always at my wit's end trying to make space for them. i used to put them on blank CDs - but there wasn't much room on them, so i'd have to use one CD for about a month's worth of photos, at least.
and then i went and bought DVDs. and good grief, what Stone Age was i living in? hah! i can put 9 months' worth of photos on one of those things, and STILL have room!
it's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, i tell you! GENIUS, i say!
so now i can take fifty times as many photos as i used to, and still have room for other stuff. i'm kind of pleased about that.

on another note, i got introduced to Invader ZIM on saturday - and i LOVE IT! hehe. GIR is my favourite. EVAR.

Zim: Okay, GIR, now which way is home?
GIR: It's this way... Or maybe that way. Oh, I don't know.
Zim: How can you not know? I just recharged your guidance chip.
GIR: Oh, I took it out.
Zim: Took what out?
GIR: The guidy...chippy...thingy.
Zim: Why would you do that?
GIR: To make room for the cupcake!

a lollipop is here.

happy healthy elephants are dancing on the sky,
an apple-flavoured bicycle is wearing pumpkin pie
have you seen the circus clown that's got a silver nose
or pirouetted with a bun around the garden hose?


it's been a while...

well. that was another fairly intense weekend.

friday night, i got picked up by my boyfriend to go out to his house for the evening, and on the way there was a phone call from leanne to pick up drinks. so we got a 4-pack of smirnoff triple black coolers, and another 4 of strongbows. the boyfriend and i had a just a cooler and a half each, didn't even touch the strongbow - and good gosh the two of us were both pissed drunk right away. heh. such lightweights as we are. i think i won't be having a cooler again for a while.
it's funny though, once i'm tolerably tipsy i tend to sit straight up with my hands in my lap, all proper, and i don't slouch so much. i wonder why.

and then saturday i felt miserable. i was properly hung-over, like anyone who got drunk on a friday night ought to have been, and it serves me right, too.
and then in the evening me and jeff and leanne and a large pack of small boys all went to see The Spy Next Door. it has jackie chan in it - and i think it's the only movie i've seen him in that has more character development for him than kung-fu. i liked it. it was funny and cute and had fighting in it. and russians with incomprehensible accents. and of course the russian lady's name was tatiana. very predictable. lol.

and then went to church on sunday morning. and in the afternoon, i was cameraman for my brother's Media Arts project for school - or rather, i was Institution Security and he was the patient. heh. he was being a madman. he didn't do too badly either.

oh yeah and apparently i talked in my sleep ALL NIGHT saturday night/sunday morning. i didn't even know i talked in my sleep at all. oh well, learn something new every day, right?

so yeah.

and in a week, jeff & i will have been going out for six months. :D i'm kind of happy about that. hehe



so three posts in one day, that's got to be a record for me.

anyways, managed to stop in at leanne's this evening and acquire a copy of psalm 91's album Shelter - psalm 91 being the original name of Ekliptika.

however, leanne forgot to tell jeff that i was coming (even though it was only going to be a very short stop-in-grab-cd-and-leave type deal). so i come in the door, and come upstairs, and all i see is red sweater coming straight towards me. yes, i was attacked by a flying red ninja boyfriend. hehe. got picked right up and spun around. i think he missed me. :P

and then there's the song on the cd with the brit punks saying oi. makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

anyway. bedtime for me, work at 7.30 tomorrow.

Cobwebs and green hills

in front of me, i see a wall.
a horrid dusty mean cobwebby wall.
it stares at me and dares me to knock it down.
but i can't, i'm too weak.
it holds me in and keeps me out
imprisons and excludes me
it lies between me and somewhere else.
sometimes i sit in the corner
and imagine the world on the other side
a world of soft green hills
of mountains and woods
streams to ford and cliffs to scale
rain and snow and sun and mist
and adventures of all sorts.
but here i am inside the wall.
kept in and kept out
alone in the dust and the cobwebs.

© Elizabeth Klassen 2010

phosphor bronze light

so this morning i was quietly sitting in my bed, minding my own business, when i hear this "twang" sound from somewhere in my room.

"oh no," i think to myself, "something's fallen on my guitar." (meaning my acoustic)

so i look over at my guitar, and nothing has moved anywhere in the vicinity of my guitar. no broken strings, nothing. so i investigate my closet, where i keep my classical guitar (which i never play anymore) and and i find that the D string has randomly snapped, without rhyme or reason. nothing was leaning on it, nothing fell on it. it just broke.

of course, it was bought in scotland six years ago, and we didn't put new strings on it then, so who knows how old those strings were. but anyhow. i figured it was time to buy new strings. i needed new ones for the acoustic anyways.

so i went on a shopping trip.

walked down to the rec centre and bought a sheet of bus tickets, and used one of those to bus across town to the music store. picked up a set of nylons and a set of phosphor bronze lights. then i figured 11.15 was close enough to lunchtime to warrant a stop at A&W. mmmm cholesterol.

so then i got home and de-strung both guitars entirely, and took a damp cloth to them. they're both old, and hadn't had their strings changed in a while, so they were GRIMY. they're cleaner now. yay!

and so i strung two guitars this afternoon. first time i've ever strung a guitar. i'm so proud of myself. and the acoustic sounds like a gazillion times better. srsly.

the classical's still trying to get used to the new strings, so it doesn't sound as amazing. but that's okay. once the strings stretch out a little, it should be fine.

i'm so happy about the acoustic though :)

hurrah for new strings!


did you dry these in a rainforest? why? with the power of the death star, do we not have a tray that is fucking dry?

oh man. i shouldn't do that to myself.

was looking through my school yearbook - and had to stop and read all the signatures and such. and of course i was struck with all kinds of nostalgia (thanks adria for remembering the word for me :P ) .... even though i hated school so much while i was there, suddenly i wish i was back there hanging with all the people that i'd known for months and months. oh drat sentimentality and seeing the past through rose coloured lenses. bah.

i got such nice signatures though.

"you have an amazing heart and a creative soul, all the best" - J. W.

"going to miss your one-of-a-kind-ness!" - Albert the Janitor

"hey, i don't care i like the collar. was great having an intellectual such as yourself to converse with" - K. H.

"hey lizzi i love the collar you are such a unique and talented person don't change & have fun" -K .C.

"remember grade 10 science? i don't." - J. J.

"duck tape :)" - E. D.

"don't fail at life!" - K. H.

"lizzi. you have made my life so much better by never being afraid to be yourself. you have never failed to encourage me when i was in doubt. i love you and will miss your presence at school next year! ♥" - T. F.

now i miss 'em. i miss 'em all.

(and yes, i know the title has no relevance. get over yourself.)


happy dancing, happy dancing :)

wow. what a weekend.

watched 9 and District 9 on friday night, and fell asleep on the couch right after the nigerian dude's head got blown into bits all over the camera in District 9. my friends all laughed at me for sleeping right through the climax of the movie. 9 is an adorable movie, though - my favourite character was Seven, i loved her bird skull helmet and her mad fighting skills :)

also stayed awake til three thirty saturday morning cos of a kid having a night terror - we had to pin him down so he wouldn't hurt himself, and it took three of us to do it, even though he's what, 8? and pretty skinny. he actually almost ripped the bathroom door off, it was hanging off the top hinge. and he was totally asleep the entire time. it was ... pretty interesting. he finally woke up when he fell and hit his head on the bathroom tile.

so then saturday i sang at a rock concert thing for a friend's Sweet Sixteenth, i was back-up vocals for Ekliptika - it's the band my boyfriend's in, as lead guitarist. we had a fill-in drummer, Ken from She Says Electric, cos Ekliptika doesn't have one atm. anyways, it was pretty freaking fun, i thoroughly enjoyed myself once i loosened up enough and got myself some confidence lol. a friend of mine assumed i was actually in the band for reals, asked me some random question, and i'm all, "this is only the second time i've sung with these guys, and i'm not an official band member, so i don't know the answer to that," and he's all, "for srs? i thought you were in the band! you faked it really well!" and then someone else said me and Leanne (Ekliptika's lead singer/rhythm guitarist) sing well together. so yeah. it was fun.

and then had the surprise of my life when Leanne actually asked me if i wanted to be a for srs band member. i was all, "fuck yeah!!"

cos it's been one of my dreams to be in a rock band. so that was srsly EPIC. plus i love Ekliptika. so yeah. saturday was fucking amazing.
and i'm in a band now. XD

and then hung out with my jeff all day sunday. actually really spent the entire weekend hanging out with him. cos he and Leanne picked me up from my house friday afternoon, and i slept over at Leanne's both nights - where he rents a room. so i got to see him friday saturday and sunday, and sing in a band with him saturday night. not to mention joining said band. i mean, what could be better than that? so yeah this girl is a happy one right now.

and so signs out the newest member of Ekliptika! HELLS YEAH! ♥



so this morning i woke up because i had a dream that my mom was screaming "wake up! wake up!" at me - like literally screaming. i don't remember anything else of the dream. but i've got a raging headache and i want to go back to bed. ♥


all this from one random photo of me on the web. huh.

Hi MorbidCuriosity,
Really intersting profile:) My name is [name removed for privacy], and it is so nice to meet you. I just joined [website] in the hopes of meeting others just like me. I was born a paranormal medium psyche who can predict the events of other individuals through palm reading. I have had this gift since I was very young, and it was not acquired nor learned. Currenly, I live in [edited out for privacy] and I love to have fun. What are some of the things that you are interested in? I would love to hear from you. Also, if you would like me to read your palm, let me know. I would be happy to do it for you. I do them for free and I perform them online. All you need is a camera and the ability to take a picture of your palm and send it to my email. Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you.
[name removed for privacy]

Thanks for the obsessive compulsive moment there, lol. It's apparent that it was a typo. And no, this is my first time on this site. We have never spoken before. But out of curiosity. What is your beef with having your palm read? It's easier for me NOT to read your palm, for I was just being nice. Most people ask me all the time to read their palm. You would be amazed with what I could tell you. Trust me, it would likely freak you out. Anyways, I wrote you because I thought you were very pretty:)
[name removed for privacy]

You are welcome for the compliment. You really are sexy. I've NEVER been on this site before. Perhaps we met on another site. What other sites are you a member of? Also, I don't have to tell you your future. I could simply tell you all about yourself past and present. That's more impressive any how. If you have a ruler, how long is your hand from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger? How wide is your palm? And what does it typically smell like? I can gather alot of information from this alone:)
[name removed for privacy]


driving and dreams.

so i was thinking that i wanted to leave my photos up on the top post for a while, but then i thought you blog reading types might get bored with that. so here's another fun blog post. joy.
this evening i drove all the way from langley to abbotsford. and i didn't drive too badly either. i don't get much driving practice, so every little bit helps.
oh yeah and i had a strange dream last night. i had to bus to this ... school? thing? with a giant round main hall - think an airport entrance or the monsters inc lobby. so i get there, and i think i do some stuff, i don't remember what all, i didn't have time to write the dream down properly this morning.
but i do remember there was something the matter with the bathrooms. so i go to the bathroom - i start with the guys' bathroom, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong in there, and they kick me out anyways.
so i go to the girls' bathroom. i come in the door, and there's a wide corridor with a shallow ramp going up directly to my left, and that's where the toilets are, and then the right side is flat, and that's where the sinks are. and on the left, on the far wall, right over the ramp, is one of those short people who turn up in movies. i THINK it was Deep Roy (plays all the Oompa Loompas in the Johnny Depp version of Willy Wonka). anyways, he was spidermanned up on the wall, peeing down on the floor of the ramp. someone almost got hit, actually, while i was watching. and i guess i left the bathroom shortly after that.
so the last bit is me bussing home, i was worried about SOMETHING - but i have not the faintest clue what it was. and i woke up just as i was gathering up all my four giant bags to get off the bus.
at 4.30 in the morning.
good times and good dreams, no?


camera fun with the bf

haha and i just realised that this is my 100th blog post! it came up quicker than i thought it would. so enjoy the photos and the new year and the knowledge that lizzi is more dedicated to blogging than she used to be :) have a good january 4th, everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥


they can't tell.

only the ocean
an ever-changing moment
violent and calm

only the far-off mountains
shadowed and crowned
above the horizon, rooted in the earth

only the cloud-clothed sky
a silver bowl turned up over us
an umbrella that rains inside

if the ocean and the mountains
and the sky they play in
don't see me, how can you?

i'm afraid, i'm terrified
of what i may have done
did i go too far? did i?
speaking out of turn, putting my foot in my mouth

so i hide in my cave in self defense
where the ocean, the mountains, the sky
can't see me and tell you where i am.


this is for you. happy new years'.

i hurt for you. your pain makes me want to cry in sympathy. please don't ever hold back; i'm not afraid to see you angry and upset. i'm not afraid to see you yell or see you cry. i trust you, i believe that you will never hurt me on purpose. so don't hide your shit away in a jar in the top shelf of a dusty storage closet in the basement, bring it out and show me. tell me about it. give me all the gory details about it. because i want to help you, i want to comfort you, i want to watch you deal with your dusty old jar of crap the best you can. it's the least i can do, after showing you all mine. and never forget, i got your back. always.
i wish i could just take all your worries and fears away, but i'm not powerful enough. so i'll try to do what i can.
i won't force you to do something you don't want to do. i won't get mad if you've made other plans. you are worth my trust and respect, and i won't withhold either of them from you. i will always be here to listen. i will do my damnedest to never manipulate you. you are amazing and extraordinary, and i would have to be a million different kinds of stupid to hurt you on purpose.
and i'm on your side. always.