... as you can see, i am all full of fangirl squeals and geeking-out grins.

because *I* got to take some photos of the *EUREKA* series finale which they are filming in my town today - and not only photos OF, but photos WITH.

oh happy day :)


  1. I've never heard of Eureka! Tell me 'bout it!

  2. eureka is a sci-fi about this US marshal who accidentally ends up in a town called - well - eureka.
    unfortunately, eureka is a kind of area 51, only those authorised by the government are supposed to know about it, so now that he knows, he has to stay there.
    so he gets made sheriff of this town of geniuses, and many hi-tech hijinks ensue, in which he (being the only one with any common sense) frequently has to solve the space-age conundrums they invent for themselves.
    they've dealt with gravity wells, mind control, localised weather pattern anomalies - anything you can think of.
    i think it's fantastic.
    however, they are currently filming the series finale - the season they are filming is the last season, and they were filming the finale of that season yesterday, so that was the last time they were coming to chilliwack.