art for sale...

... and other stuff.
· so yeah art for sale: go to http://squelchbaker.deviantart.com/gallery/#For-Sale
and that's not all of it up, but i'm lazy and don't want to finish tonight. no, that's not true. i'm just tired. not lazy. yeah.
· um what else. oh yeah - a play i was in for a "festival" aka competition is going to the provincial "festival" - which i am very excited about, because i love that play.
· i'm hungry.
· i got a snazzy new granny dress to wear to my uncle's wedding. i know that sounds wierd, but trust me, it looks awesome. and it is new; it's from winners. so there. i will post a picture eventually. i just can't do it now. there's only so much time on a sunday night.
· oh yeah and i think i want to start running. and dad don't you dare say i told you so. i wanna try parkour or however you spell it. you know, that free-running thing. the funny thing is, i do that every time i go to the park. we have a park full of awesome trails. and there's another trail place i can go to of which i know of.
· i love abby sciuto from NCIS.
· my tummy is rumbling. i'm going to go see if i can find something to eat.
· lizzi out.

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