The Rat Pack Devours.

Reviewing the end
as your life is lived
have you done what you liked, what you dreamed?
only the orange-tinted sky and the grounded massive earth
know what you are
is that reassuring?
as you stand in front of these
the rat-pack of people whom you have seen so often
and watch them devour your soul
have you no regrets?
when the shadowed, mirky sea swallows you,
do you wish you'd done something different, all those years ago?
and do you follow, all unwilling, in the footsteps
of others whom you've never met
and hope for something to stop the neverending voyage?

hope fails,
and the shadows under the trees wait
and you know
that there is no escape
now that you have left the safety of the sun
sunset draws near and you are lost
lost to them
the stars turn their backs
and the moon hides her face
the earth turns beneath you and falls into oblivion
only the shadows are watchful

reviewing the end,
trapped in the forest,
and the dawn breaks upon you
the orange-tinted sky heralds the departure of your captors,
and the grounded massive earth holds you safe
the rat-pack devours, but not for keeps
your soul is your own again
the voyage is embarked upon,
the seas conquered
sailing upon the oceans of possibility
to finally wash up on the shores
of your home.

© Elizabeth Klassen 2009

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