neural disintegration

it's closing down on you
one, two, three things
more things
and when the hole's been dug
six feet down
take a deep breath and dive
before the contents of your shelves fall down on you.
horrors of empty rooms
ghosts of what wasn't
and will never be
fie, for shame! no regrets!
do what you don't dare.
and when you're standing
in a dark alleyway
take a deep breath and run
before the things you always dreamed you would do, come back to haunt you.
neural disintegration
takes a toll. Your eyes are wide
with the silence that holds your breath for you.
you put down the box
and you owned your space
and when you sat down to think
we all knew what you were thinking of.
and when you're lying
in your warm bed
take a deep breath and dream
before the terror sets in and steals your soul.

© Elizabeth Klassen 2009

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