hair: the latest installment (in photo-journal format.)

This is me, four days ago; the queen of bedhead. srsly, that is how i woke up that morning. no product or nothin' in there. nasty, hey?

This is what my hair looked like - see those roots.

And a closeup of the roots:

But I decided to cut it all off. cos i didn't want to spend extra money re-dying it. so i asked my dear daddy, last friday, to take the buzzer, with the longest comb he could stick on there, and he buzzed my head. this is the resulting pile of black.

And here again is the black, now on the dustpan, as i'm about to throw it out.

And finally, the resulting squelchie:

from here i'm planning to grow it out again. should take me about two years or so, since that's how long it took me before when i shaved my head the first time.
going into work with my hair like this was fun, got so many comments!
and one of my managers asked to feel it, so i let her. it was funny.

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