a couple of days in the life of lizzi.

so i'm feeling quite good about myself - yesterday at work i caught a couple of oddities.

the first one was a pair of shoes, where the coding didn't match the labelled price - someone had put a different label over top of the original. i think the original said 49.99, and the stuck-on-top label said 29.99. and i caught it. and apparently the girl buying the shoes had been an employee who was fired a few years ago for stealing. i'm not accusing her - but it did look suspicious, no?

the second one was a purse - and again the coding didn't match. the tag on it said 29.99 - but the purse was actually worth 150. and i caught that one too. but the poor lady trying to buy it - she was sad cos it was more than she thought it was. and i'm certain it wasn't her fault for that one. ... you can tell.

and then today i caught a couple more! ... i win!

the first one was a pair of boots - the right foot was an 8, the left was 8½. the customer wanted the 8's. yay me for checking!

the second one was a painting - the price tag said 69.99 - the coding said it was actually worth 169.99. the customers decided that was too expensive.

but just goes to show, girls and boys, always check the coding. :)

oh yes and yesterday there were two different customers who attempted to pay with bad visas - one of them for sure was tampered with.
and they think they can get away with it.
some people are so stupid. oh well, they give me something to talk about :P

and today there was a guy with the most fantastic moustache ever. and another guy who was very loud but was very funny, kept cracking jokes at me - it was awesome.

...oh yeah and it's the first of october. um.

I did kind of promise gothy/halloweeny photos, didn't i.

well, here's the first installment of cemetery filler, on day 30 of the countdown to halloween <3

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