seven days

i had a week. it was weekish. with, you know, days of the week.

let's see. went to choir on monday; had people over for dinner on tuesday; saw jeff on sunday, tuesday, and thursday - i could get used to that; saw alice in wonderland (3D!!!) on sunday and wednesday; went on a walk to the park and took photos on wednesday; i applied for a job on thursday; oh yeah and i have to do my taxes tonight.

fun part about THAT is, i was supposed to sit on the phone with revenue canada for an unspecified but definitely long period of time to get my access code so i can do my taxes online - EXCEPT that ....

.... you're not allowed to do it online if it's the first time ever doing taxes.
which, imo, is rather retarded.
so now i have to do the paper version. woot.

and soy-wax candles leak vegetable oil. or something. cos you needed to know.

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