aha! bet you didn't see this coming!

so i'm coming up to a year on this blog, and the only comment so far about it has been a request for either a photoshoot or a poem. come on, people, don't you care what you read? but i may have a *special* photoshoot planned. hah.

anyway, look at me! →
i got my hair coloured today. my dear sweet cousin, who, by the way, was the lucky recipient of the baseball scarf from the last post, was so good as to colour my hair for me, and, if i so desire, she'll make it black if i decide i don't like the purple. yes, you heard me right. it's purple. *grins* a dark and rather subtle purple, but still of a violet hue. oh yes. and i may not even go to black, the purple's kind of growing on me. cos it was originally a bit of an experiment. so yeah.

and don't i look cute with that little black bow in my hair? yeah. i do.

so yeah. that's it for now, toodles, all! ♥