so what with mom being in pride and prejudice (yes, that's her in the blue spencer and bonnet, playing Lady Lucas beautifully!) - that leaves me and my sister to the cooking a lot of the time - which almost never happens otherwise :P love you mom!

anyhow, with my sister being at work now (tim hortons!) - that leaves me more often than not in the kitchen ... so here i am, a-chicken-soup-makin'. and rice pudding, too, of which there's only one photo, and which turned out tastier than the soup.

oh yes, and photo credits to my brother.

and in other news, i failed my N driving test. also, i'm trying to move out of my parents' house. yeah. i turned twenty last week monday - happy birthday to me - and i'm figuring it's time to get myself out and be independent for a while. so i'm going out to my grandma's house a town away (coicidentally, the same town my boyfriend lives in XD) and i'm going to try to find a job out there. wish me luck. the move date (yet to be confirmed with grandma, so it may change) is hopefully to be May first. ... here we go!

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