so. um. news in the life of lizzi.

well. let me see.

i booked my road test yesterday, it's on monday, at 2.30 in the afternoon, and i'm nervous as hell; but if i pass first time, it means i can finally drive by myself! yes! that would make me so happy.

have been applying for jobs all over the place - tim horton's, petcetera, superstore, staples, warehouse 1, the list goes on. called some places back just five minutes ago, and man do i ever hate making phone calls!! i get all shaky and nervous. not so good. but at least i kept from saying anything completely dumb - win!

and yeah i think that's about it. i'm going to go see one of my teachers from school playing music at a cafe tonight, i think - good old mr taylor. "whatcha talkin' 'bout, willis?" :P

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