and .... viciously gorgeous.

as a post-script to my last blog:
my good friend jessi came out to see me today. i met her at the bus station after the incident in my last post. i told her what happened, and as we were waiting to cross a street, who should come up behind us but No-Front-Teeth Sunglasses Guy.

guy: i know you, we talked earlier! what was your name again?
me: i never introduced myself. i'm lizzi.
guy: [fists out] i just have this urge to smack everyone i meet. but i talked to you, you're cool. [to jessi] you're cool too, what's your name? [pause] i own chilliwack. but not this part. but i'm working on taking over.
me & jessi: [smothered laughter]
guy: i'm also working on becoming absolutely viciously gorgeous.
me & jessi: [more laughter]
[light changes, we cross the road, laughing the whole way]

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