apparently i'm ... impressive.

well that was mildly creepy and somewhat amusing.
i was walking down a bike path, all gothed out, long black coat and eyeliner, and these two Native guys are walking towards me. one of them had sunglasses and missing front teeth, and as i'm walking past, this is what happened.
guy: hi
me: hi. [keeps walking]
guy: [stops me] you look ... impressive.
me: thanks. [tries to keep walking again.]
guy: you're so ... impressive. [pauses] my name is Chico186 and i'm impressive too. i own the city.
me: [mildly amused] i see.
guy: i like your eyes. do you like my eyes?
me: i can't see your eyes behind those sunglasses.
guy: [takes off his sunglasses, his eyes are all unfocussed, and he's got a black eye] battle. i've been in fights.
me: i see.
guy: i like you. maybe we should ... go for yogurt. or something.
me: [getting a little wary] i really don't have the time right now.
guy: but you're so ... impressive. and i really like you. i want to get to know you. [pauses] do you want to get to know me?
me: i'm sorry. i appreciate the compliment but i'm busy and i really have to go.
guy: okay. but you look so impressive. i really want to get to know you.
me: [walks away]

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