i'm all alone in a happy little basement suite with laminate flooring and pot-lights and a kitchen to myself.

i don't have internet yet, so i'm currently at my parents' house again, using their internet - and when i start classes (THIS WEEK) i can use the internet at the university. so that's alright.

on friday morning i went grocery shopping. i bought a crap ton of meat - a big tub of ground beef, two GIANT steaks (i forget what the cut was, but these things were YUGE), and sixteen chicken thighs - most of it thirty percent off, due to age, i'm assuming. my secret trick: sandwich-size ziploc bags. i cut all the meat into one-person portions, and FROZE ALL THE THINGS.

freezer full of meat for cheap? win.

also, whistling teakettle, and bamboo dishrack, and firefly posters, and slowly emptying boxes, and shelves full of books. these things make me happy.

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