the trouble with.... a tribble?

so yesterday i went to the PNE for the first time in my life. actually, i did a bunch of firsts yesterday.

the PNE, taken on the whole, was a fun and entertaining novelty experience, but i would have no desire to go multiple times in one year, it would get overwhelming and such.

i also went on a rollercoaster for the first time ever; i went on the wooden one and spent most of it clinging desperately to the bar because i would totally have flown out of my seat otherwise, what with me being so light.

and a ferris wheel, which went surprisingly faster than it looks like it does from the ground, that was fun.

among other entertaining rides. i didn't do any SUPER crazy ones, simply because i really am not an adrenaline junkie, and i just can't handle those ones yet. like the twin flip and the hellevator and similar terrifying things.

but the best part, and the part that made the entry fee totally worth it: the star trek exhibition. where i was not allowed to take photos. :(
they had all kinds of outfits on mannequins in glass cases - they had spock's uniform, and the white robe he wears in "a voyage home", they had one of guinan's outfits, and picard's uniform, and data's, they had both uhura's uniforms, TOS and the new movie, they had neelix's outfit, they had romulan and reman uniforms, they had khan's torn-up outfit, and they had seven of nine's uniform as well. i kind of fangirled all over the place.
never mind the models of alien's heads, and data's head too, and phasers of all kinds, and the PADDs, and the tricorders, and they had a freaking bat'leth too. there were ship models, and a replica of picard's rooms with a section of hallway right in front.
and they also had a couple of photo ops - one on the bridge of the enterprise, TNG era, one on a transporter array, and there was one with a greenscreen but i don't know what they put behind it.
i bought a photo of me on the bridge. i know, i know. but i had to.
i also bought a pin with data's face on it, and a tribble. yes, i HAD TO. what a foolish question.

so yeah. yesterday: success.


  1. What is a Tribble? Also need to see this pic of you on the bridge! :)

    1. tribbles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bprgl_4z6gY

      and the picture will be mailed to me, i don't have it yet :)