oh my God, I think I fell down.

where did the orange flowers go
why did the stairs disappear from underneath me
belly-flop along the ocean floor
scissors make a fence around me
oh my God, I think I fell down.

banana coloured rakes with tiny hats
a dance of morbid curiosity
north winding roads, south and east ones too
a corner store on a straight street opens at 12am
hey look! a yoga mat! on the ceiling!

yelling to the skies, at a cloud
for being in the wrong place at the write time
having a good time, are ya, mister cloud?
and the spots on the sun are not just my vision
if your fellow turtledoves are not in pain
trust the trysting shadows, they do not lie

a wingtip, a feather
along a wall they step and step again
foreign invaders with cause to shriek
banned papers burn in the courtyards
flailing cranes cry with ecstasy, dancing
havoc wreaked upon prevailing winds
oh my God, I think I fell down again.

sally forth, ye gates, to the sea
set sail toward the land of good things
do not injure those who fart
plates and spoons caper madly
dip your toes, but do not deep-fry

play your games of knuckle-bones
your yellow-bellied cards
o thy shining tooth, thou quail
november sings a song of lightning
as rainbows dance upon the ballroom floor
oh my God, I definitely fell down this time.

© Elizabeth Klassen 2009

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