oh my goodness...

... posting two days in a row! gotta be a record.
anyhow, how's this for crazy?
i got offered a nannying job in greenwich! that's right, that mean time place. in england. intense, hey? but now i have to ask my potential employer for proof she exists - so as i know she's not just a scam - in appropriately stodgy language, since there's no way i can actually meet her unless i go overseas. however, my dad is way better at that kind of stuff than i am (go stodge-king!), so he's typing it up for me. i <3 you, dad!
the only thing that i'm really super concerned about would be my youth leader commitment - i would pretty much have to break it. for a year or so, anyhow. poor aaron, he'd be down to two leaders: himself and vince. i don't think i have any other huge commitments that i would have to be worried about.
so yeah. the £ to $ works out at $4500/month that i'd be paid - for watching a two-year-old girl. srsly. not even kidding. plus £200/weekend to take the tyke shopping. WTF.
i just hope she charges a reasonable room&board. unless of course she's going to make me be a live-out. in which case i shall have to find a flat to live in or something.
oh well. god'll work it out. i hope.


  1. hmm, sounds like fun. ive got a month till I go there.

  2. well we have now pretty much decided she's a scam. there's been a bunch of red flags.
    mainly that it's taken her about a week to reply with proof she's real - and she still hasn't done so.