i could really use a back massage. i think my shoulders are too tense.

So i guess it's about time for an update; i haven't blogged in a while.
first off, i now has a job - i'm working at winners. this is very exciting. because, of course, i've never had a real job before. so i get to learn the ropes and such at last.
[sigh] my happygolucky teenage days are almost over... what a real shame. i must now assume a responsible posture, careful attitude, and a hopeless demeanor, and wear my corsets UNDER my clothes. fml.
and i has a boyfriend - but you knew about that one already, if you've been reading my blog for any decent length of time. but i can't help adding him into this post, because it's a life update post. and he's in my life. so if you don't want to hear about him anymore, you'll just have to suck it up and read on. or stop reading. either way, i don't care. i mean, i would rather you stuck around and read my blog [the more readers, the better, right?] but if you really want to leave, you can. of course, that begs the question, why would you really want to leave? i'm charming, witty, beautiful, and oh-so-smart! - and clearly, full of myself. [awkward silence] ... no. i'm kidding. but do please stick around. i like to be read.
i SERIOUSLY gothed up for church yesterday - spiked my hair, did black eyeliner, black lips, black tanktop-corset-skirt combo, along with my burgundy Docs and my black fishnet arm-thingers, and my coffin-shaped backpack... now this is church, mind you. god and worship and tithe and all. ... but does anyone blink an eye? - N0, not a chance! they say how much they like my outfit, is what they do! i'm not a social outcast for being different, and it's awesome! i seriously fucking love my church, and my God! - and yes, i know swearing is frowned upon by christians everywhere, but I say, STFU. because God likes it best when we're honest. and when i swear, i'm honestly saying exactly what i mean. i don't throw in an f-word every second word, just when i'm in the middle of some extreme emotion. so there. and it's true. i fucking love God. cos he's just amazing.
.... aaaand moving right along.
my phone is dying on me by inches; the vibrate function's almost completely gone, and sometimes it makes really funny buzzy noises instead of actually buzzing the phone itself, and sometimes it cuts out altogether. and today when i was trying to send a text to my bf, it shut itself off randomly. i was like, WTF?!?! because it shouldn't be doing that. however, it IS about three years old now. so i guess it's not that unusual.
facebook made me stay off it for about six hours this evening, too. i was pissed. it said i couldn't access my account because of site maintenance. if you ask me, i say that's BS-speak for, "there's something wrong but we don't know how to fix it in five minutes or less. so we're going to try to work it out before you notice something's wrong, and when you do notice, we'll do our best to make it look like yours isn't the only one that there's something going wrong with." but now i'm happily back on facecrack facebook. so.
um - yeah. i guess that's about it. that was a pretty long post. kudos if you made it all the way through. and <3 <3 <3 to my boyfriend :)

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