tungsten wins!

argh. the lightbulb in my bedroom burnt out yesterday. and so i had to change the bulb, of course. and the only spare lightbulb we have in the house is one of those stupid twisty fluorescent ones. ew ew ew. so i had to put it in my room. and now my room is all blue-green. NASTY. i hate those lightbulbs so much. give me a good old tungsten one every time, never mind the energy waste. please. the colour is so much nicer.
now i do have a little table lamp with a tungsten bulb in it - but i can't only use a lamp, i have sewing to do, and i don't have enough light with just the lamp. so i HAVE to use a fucking fluorescent. grrrrr.

i want to go to sleep.

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  1. Philips makes some nice florecent bulbs that have a normal white point. And they arn't curly either.