3/14 ...

march 14th is Pi Day! go eat piiiiiiiie.
[i'm such a geek.]

so i did the thirty day challenge - successfully, i might add, all 30 in a row with only one or two late posts. but now i don't know what to do with myself.
i have no poems floating around in my head at the moment.
i have no awesome photos to share.
and nothing super-duper interesting has happened lately.
besides the two random customers (both guys - coincidence? mmm probably not.) that have given me their phone numbers. THAT'S slightly disturbing. particularly as one of them is - well - probably as old as my dad. and i likely WON'T be calling him. he's a customer. that alone makes it weird. ah well.

the thing is, most of my day is centered around SLEEP. i spend all day sleeping, and all night working. my evening is mostly cooking.
so there's not much to tell, mostly.
i have the odd moment - like the day my coworker went to the drivethru window and informed the waiting customer that he had just finished devouring a soul, and that it tasted like lemon - but mostly my life is sleep.

speaking of which - it's approximately bedtime.
also - i must go shopping soon. maybe tomorrow. the pantry's looking bare.


  1. Hi Liz :D Asking for numbers is so cliche! ;) lol You make a lovely MoccaLatte :) Thanks for giving me your blog Liz (name reminds me of shaun of the dead). Ive been looking through it and I like how you express yourself. Ive never really written poetry myself, or maybe I just never knew thats what I was doing haha.

    I'm the big lovable hippy with long hair and a cool hat by the way ^_^

    If you take a read through my blog at feel free to leave my comments.

    Oh and, hopefully not to seem creepy, I saw the corset you were wearing. I am writing a steampunk novel with my writing partner and started doing artwork. Its all very victorian and to make a long story short some of the women in this time wear corsets. Do you mind if I ask where you found yours? and if you still have it


  2. That's okay. Something I picked up from Grace is exclaiming "pi!" whenever it is 3:14(am or pm).

  3. ahahahaha that's the best!

    david - i MAKE my corsets. from scratch. the canvas one is not in that form anymore though - i altered it since that photo.