pretty pretty please....

so i'm going to do something i have never done on my blog before:

i'm going to post a youtube.

reason being, i saw this video when i was watching tv with my roomie. it's a music video by someone i've frequently heard of, but never really listened to. the first time i saw it, it made me cry. which is unusual, for me. i don't generally cry during music videos. movies, yes, absolutely. Passion of the Christ, anyone? actually bawled my eyes out during THAT one. but i'm digressing. i just love the message in this song. it's something more people need to hear. so. without further ado:


i cried at the end [not where i would have expected given the content of the rest of the video], at the very last chorus when you see her daughter in the bed.


what's YOUR reaction?
what did this make you think of?


  1. powerful video....yes the tears were there...so much pain. A good message...

  2. The first thing I noticed was the actress in the very beginning. She is the little girl from the movie Water-World. As well as the girl from Napoleon Dynamite. The song isn't really my vibe personally but I listened to the whole thing just for you :) The content of the video was interesting. I think I fall into that category of loner/outcast. I was always in a new school having to make new friends and I was always accepting by the other loner kids. I suppose it just never wore off. I knew kids that cut themselves. I drew dark things for years and loved it but never really wore it. But I suppose I cut myself emotionally in other ways, and probably wore it through my attitude. The lesson in the end, as I see it, is that she keeps moving forward, never really giving up on life, but giving up on those lower levels of herself, like pain and fear. They led her to nearly killing herself, now she lets something lighter lead the way. Something beautiful. The song is definitely geared toward girls but I think we all go through these things as we grow up at one point or another. Its a good message and hopefully younger will learn to watch for the same behaviours and learn from their ways. Until we are awake we are asleep and we choose our own unique paths to remind ourselves of who we really are.