some girly eyecandy

so i was watching tv yesterday...
and sort of accidentally caught the last half of a couple shows. one of which was hairspray, but that's not the eyecandy i'm talking about.
what i AM talking about was a movie called Life as a House, and a Doctor Who episode called Midnight.
hayden christensen. in Life as a House. with piercings. and black hair. oh my. so pretty. and then he took the piercings out in the movie. i was all, nooooo! put them back!! TT_TT but movie people like to pretend that people take out piercings when they get all happy and stuff. oh well. silly movie people.
and then...

colin morgan. in Midnight. with black nail polish. and skinny jeans. and leather cuffs. and a skull chain on his pants. mmmm. so beautiful. but then again, colin morgan is just beautiful in general. i mean, anyone seen him as Merlin? ogosh. and then there's the british accent. *sigh*

anyways. that's all i wanted to tell you. toodles. i'm off to drool some more.

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