after months of silence...

i know, it's been a while since i ... put finger to keyboard? ... well, blogged, anyway.

some of those months of silence are attributable to school, both university-type and high-school-type, and some are attributable to finding a job (during which i was also doing the high-school-type school). but most of the time, i think, it was the fault of my own laziness that i didn't write anything - but laziness doesn't seem the right word either. sometimes i would think of something i could blog about, but then it seemed awkward coming back as if no empty space had happened in between. and sometimes i would actually sit down to write, and then nothing would come out. but the worst, what happened to me most often, is when i had so much to say that i just couldn't, because as soon as i would start writing or typing or WHATEVER, that it would all come spilling out like one of those cartoon closets, where everything is jampacked up to the ceiling - you just touch one thing and ALL the things come down on you... kind of like that paragraph of brain vomit that totally just happened.

so after all that brainmush, here i am.

big changes: i found a basement suite. all my own. no roommates. so my bedroom at my parents' house is now in a state of boxy upheaval as i try to pack between the hours that i work.
oh yes, and i have a job. timmy ho's again. yeah.
my hair is short, and pink, and later i'll post a picture, maybe. i suspect most of my more regular readership (if there is any of those out there) actually knows me and is friends with me on facebook, but for the ones that aren't, yes, that's what i did to my hair.
changed my diet - and am eating paleo now. the funny looks i get when i say i'm not eating any grains or beans or sugar, are just fantastic, and they make it totally worth it. it can be hard, and hey, i have my cheat days same as anyone else does, but i love paleo. i mean, bacon every day if i want it. how can that be bad?
got a new tattoo, too - but again, old news to the people who are on facebook.

accomplishments: finished math 12 - had to do four units in a week and a half, while i was working, so i was cramming like crazy. not sure i remember most of it, but i got 84.27% at the end of the whole thing -  EXCEPT, when i asked them to fax my mark to the university (so i could use math 12 as a prerequisite for a class), the record the university now has is 86%. so i got a narrow A out of it, which i really shouldn't have, nor do i know how it happened. but i'm not complaining!

i'm also determined that when september arrives and i have time (time? what? work + school + homework + CISSA? time?) and i can get to the gym, i'm starting the workouts outlined in The New Rules of Lifting For Women. weightlifting wins. waaaaay more fun than running.

i'm definitely excited about having my own place again - but i'm also a bit nervous, because it'll actually be my own. no roommate. so i need to get some basics. like cutlery and plates and glasses for the kitchen. at my shared apartment, we used all her dishes for eating off of. all the cooking stuff was mine, but the eating stuff was all hers.
i have to get that and other things, like a broom, and laundry soap, and dish soap, and toilet paper, and a shelving/hanging unit (cos my bedroom doesn't have a closet)... all that and i still don't have my student loan for the next semester...

and that's all i got for now. let's see if i can keep up on this for a while.


  1. Let's go to Ikea or mcc or something together! Can't wait to see the new place. Also, love the imagery of the stuff falling out of the closet when you open it up. I often feel that way when I sit down to write.

    1. wanna come over tomorrow night and help me unpack - or sit and drink tea and watch me unpack? either way :)