what? twice in one week?

so, um, i'm back?
instead of ... erm ... packing ... which i should be doing on account of i want to move on thursday next ...

the other thing i've been doing instead of packing, is pinning useful things on my pinterest board. i totally ripped off disney's family channel, title-wise, and created a board i called Suite Life, to which i'm pinning things that i plan to use once i move into my new suite. i hate The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, by the way - it's inane and not funny at all - but the pun is amusing, so i don't care that i had to steal it from such a rubbishy sitcom.

also, had to hunt down my t4 from tim hortons in chilliwack - they hadn't sent it to me, even though i gave them my address 3 times; my mom and i had to drive down to chilliwack to pick it up, this week! grrr. i needed it to do my tax return (which i should have done in spring, but for the aforementioned lack of t4), which i needed for my student loan for this semester. here's hoping i don't have to wait too long for it, and that it comes in before fees are due at school ...

anyways. thought i'd write something quickly just to get myself back in the habit; now i'm going to go do some more boxing-up things. and then i work at 2pm. no rest for the wicked....

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  1. Glad I read this! Totally forgot about my taxes too! Another line for the to do list. Hrm.