i'm thinking that i might do a photo-countdown to halloween. halloween is one of my favourite holidays, after christmas - the skulls, the spiderwebs, the gargoyles, the mummies, and the miscellaneous ghouls all make me happy to the bottom of my black black gothy heart. plus the costumes. costumes rock. so look out for photos of halloweeny, costumy and/or gothy stuff - hopefully every day - from october first to october thirty-first. i might fizzle out before the end of it - and i probably won't be able to do them every day either - but i'll do my best. plus i have a whole load of wicked cemetery photos i can use as filler if i don't manage to get one for a day or whatever. so that'll be alright.
haven't got much else to say today, maybe i'll post a poem later.
squelchie out.

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