you know, i've decided - i like blogging.
it's fun.

so i was at work yesterday - the last day of orientation, woot. orientation's so boring - anyways. for the last half hour, they had us sorting shoes. which you'd think would be boring, but there was four of us madly rushing around pairing up shoes and making them tidy, and we managed to sort four racks' worth, and it was really kind of fun. i am not a tidy person (at least, my room's not) but i do like organising things. a lot. one of my favourite places to be is sitting in an office sharpening pencils. no joke.

and i now have an eight-hour shift tomorrow doing cash training. god help me. i've never done cashier duty ever ever before. i'm going to be so confused. so please, if you go through winners between 2 and closing time, and you go through my register, BE PATIENT WITH ME! pretty please?

and i miss my man - i haven't seen him since the twenty-second of august.

happy first of september.

um. yeah. i think that's it. oh yeah i've been working on a canvas corset, single-layer, with hand-stitched eyelets. and i am almost done! 9 left out of 34 eyelets. oh yeah. but it's SO BORING, like you would not believe.

okay. toodles.

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