so i'm really quite proud of myself - yesterday at work, i was on cash (supposed to be in the fitting room, but we'll let that be), and this lady tried to buy a shirt and a pair of pants. came to forty-something. she tried to pay with a fifty. it was a fake. and i knew it. the paper was the wrong weight, there was no watermark, and when you look through it, there's supposed to be segments of lines that line up to make a 50, and those segments didn't line up properly. so i got bragging rights at the huddle after closing. *grins*

i'm also contemplating getting my lip pierced. a labret, probably. though spiderbites looks pretty cool too - but i'm not sure if i want to go with two - might be a bit extreme for me :) the only thing would be my dear mennonite grandparents - who don't like piercings or tattoos at all. so i would have to wear one of those plastic things - which apparently you can't put in for four to six weeks. so i would have to do it now, probably.

and i'm thinking i want to go back to my natural hair colour - that'll probably involve me buzzing my hair off in a couple weeks - i'll probably use a medium comb on the buzzer so that it cuts off my hair just below the dye line. i'll still have about an inch left on my head though, it won't be all gone :) and then from there i'll grow it out.

and i think that's about it for now, toodles people!

oh yeah - who's reading that got redirected from levisan? because apparently most of my blog traffic is from there - and i know i used to be on his blogroll (though i can't see the blogroll anymore *coughcough.exposurepleaselevi.coughahem*) ....... anyhow.
and howdy blog traffic in general - comment and let me know where you came from - how you found me, etc!


squelchbaker out.