i must be crazy.

so after my shower this morning i grabbed the scissors and trimmed my hair. i must be insane. but it actually turned out pretty good. i will admit that my bangs are rather shorter than i'd like. but surprisingly, the back actually looks pretty good, which i'm happy about.

and mom's all demanding that i get myself a job - so i'm going to have to start looking soon. i had this mad idea that i go apply at the metaphysical bookstore down the hill - imagine me in among "orgone generators" and tarot cards and belly-dancing supplies and all kinds of weird books. hah. it would be hilarious. but given their website, it seems that all the people there have some kind of metaphysical qualification - they've got tarot readers and reiki masters and crystal readers and crap like that. so i suspect they wouldn't like me much cos i've got no training of that kind. oh well.
but i don't want to work with food (i can't anyway; haven't got my foodsafe). if i could find an ordinary bookstore, i'd probably be happy. i should see if there're any in the mall or such. or a used bookstore might be fun too.
oh golly. i haven't ever had to do this. i don't want to, either. bah.

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