life. and other life.

oh man this is surreal. i am now a bona fide youth leader. scary. i've been given the mentoring/counselling aspect of the leadership - perfect for me, the inquisitive-curious-bossy-mama-stick-my-nose-in-where-it-don't-belong-type, because i always want to hear about everyone's lives and try to help them get it in order (olivia knows all about that, hey? counselling sessions in the art room... lol good times). this has been a long time coming. for a while there i was really really grumpy about it, i was all in an entitlement space. long story. anyways, i got over that, and then it jumped out at me. so i'm all over the moon at the moment, i've even been talking to my first victim - i mean mentoree - this afternoon. hehe. i'm certainly enjoying myself - that is, i'm enjoying the position, not that i'm enjoying the misfortunes/problems/issues of other people. unfortunately, i can't go to the leaders' meeting on saturday, because i'm going to a party. which leads me to my next paragraph.

i've been invited to an expendable characters party. you know, like the red-shirts in star trek, or soldiers, or vampires' victims - people who die fairly early. i happen to be going as a harry potter character - some witch or other who dies at the end of the seventh book during the big fight. i don't even have a name, i'm so unimportant. but i have a great costume. thanks to sanne, the owner of venus&mars - look them up. which leads me to my next paragraph.
sanne gave me five or six giant big bags of fabric scraps - mostly velvets, but some plaids, some small pieces of dupioni silk, some tapestry-type fabric, some chiffon... all kinds of stuff! it was thrilling looking through it. i even used some of it for the costume and for the present for the party as mentioned above. thank you so so much, sanne!

and my mom is still pressuring me to get a job. terry says i should ask god for one to fall in my lap, cos that would be the job that would be most suited to me and my needs right now. but anyhow.

that's life, as it is for me right now.

dawn take you all and be stone to you.
(kudos to the first person to tell me where this quote's from. and no googling.)

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