the last and final: meme #3

Name - Lizzi
Sex - definitely female
Relationship Status - single
Like It That Way - i guess you could say that
Shoe Size – 8
Parents Still Together - yes

Colour – black
Number - 42
Time Of The Year – winter for the colours, summer for the warmth
Type Of Weather - sunshine, or a really hard warm rain. pretty much, if i'm not cold, i'm happy.
Food & Drink - pizza, and amarula. but not at the same time.

Do You:
Twirl Your Hair – no, too short.
Cheat On Tests – nope
Like Scary Movies - depends.
Like Cleaning - not really - unless i told myself to do it.
Know How To Drive A Standard – no - but i get the basics. if someone sat down and showed me, i think i could do it.
Own A Mobile Phone - yes.

Have You Ever:
Considered A Life Of Crime – in passing, not seriously.
Considered Being A Hooker – no.
Been In Love - had crushes, does that count?
Broken Someones Heart – i sincerely hope not - and if i have, it was unintentional.
Kicked Someone In The Nuts – not yet
Been Heart Broken - yes

Clothing - pj pants and tna hoodie
Hair – black & short, and i might trim it after my shower
Song You Are Listening Too – none
Thing You Ought To Be Doing – showering

First Crush – Cory Isaak.
Believe In “The One” - maybe
Are You A Tease – i dont know - i suspect i can be, but i don't do it on purpose
Would You Commit Yourself 100% To Someone - i think i could

Are You:
Honest – most of the time
Sarcastic - ya think?
A Day Dreamer – definitely.
Up Tight/Laid Back – depends on what's going on.
Messy/Organised – messy, but i want to be more organised
Shy/Loud - some of both, again, depends on the situation.

Nervous Habits - yeah
Are You Double Jointed – a little
Can You Roll Your Tongue - yes
Do You Make Your Bed Daily – no, considering i've been sleeping outside for the last however long, and have to bring my bedding in every morning.
Which Shoe Goes On First - usually the right one

In The Last Month Have You:
Bought Something – yes? i don't remember
Been Sick – no, actually.
Sang – oh yeah. i barely go a day without singing something.
Missed Someone - yeah
Got Drunk – nope
Got A Haircut - nope

Last Person:
You Sang With – hmm - my sister?
You Said I Love You To - my mom, i think
Told You They Loved You - heh. Ellie.
You Hugged – my Oma
You Laughed With – um, olivia, i think.

What Is:
The Best Thing In The World – God
The Worst Thing In The World – rejection
Your Greatest Fear – losing control - hence in my last post, "What are you most afraid of? my own control issues."
The Thing You Want Most – to see spiritual things in the physical.
The Person You Want The Most – can't say.

This Or That:
iPod or Phone: both
Birthday Or Christmas: birthday
Trainers or Shoes: trainers
Love Or Money: love
Lights On Or Off: on
Coke Or Pepsi: sprite
Bath Or Shower: shower
Hot Or Cold: hot
Inside Or Out: outside
Pizza Or Pasta: both
Texting Or Phoning: both
Hugging Or Kissing: i don't know, hugging i guess
Msn Or Yahoo: facebook.
Boys Or Girls: boys.

What Shoes Are You Wearing: barefoot
Loudest Friend: nick hood & aaron pattan. they're one loud person together, i swear.
Quietest Friend: shay starchuck, i think.
What Makes You Smile: people
What Makes You Cry: god, stress, anger, sad parts in movies, happy parts in movies, talking about stuff that's really personal, realising i'm loved
Do You Sing In The Shower: absolutely!

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