No no say it isn't so!

remember the costume party i blogged about two posts ago? yeah my ride isn't going after all, and didn't tell me til yesterday, even though she SHOULD have known about her other event by the time i asked her if she would drive me, cos that was TWO WEEKS ago. grr. non-communication SUCKS. so then i asked someone else, who i'm fairly sure is in my area - and SHE said that she would love to drive me, BUT - guess what - she's not going after all either. so then i messaged the hostess to see if she knows of anyone in my area who could potentially give me a ride. because if i can't get a ride, i can't be at the party. which makes me really really sad, because i've been looking forward to this party for a month now. even dropped some other plans on account of it. argh. and i had the greatest costume ever. bah.
so yeah. this is me right now.

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