falling through the empty sky i hit the ground and smash like a pottery jug like a plate like glass shards on the floor theyre all sharp and jagged i step on them and bleed like the edge of a knife the edge of a sword slicing flesh to shreds and tatters like the clothes i wear the rags i own only fit for burning burning up and freezing cold the fever the madness and the dreams like a blind man finally seeing only my eyes work just fine thanks and it is a lovely day outside isnt it just right as rain freezing rain and burning and i stand but still im falling through a hole in the earth hit the atmosphere on the other side and keep on past the moon lovely moon got craters in it like the ones in my mind hey what do you know maybe theyre a match for each other got a match i need a smoke and you know what they say where theres smoke theres fire and im burning burning and freezing its this damned fever it just wont go away no matter how they medicate my depression which oddly enough means a hole remember how i said i had craters in my head yeah its depression it was a stupid joke just like the april fools they pulled on me when they said i was fine well you know what they say fine stands for fucked up insecure neurotic and emotional which is pretty damned what was i saying oh screw it anyway im on my way out of here like a rocket ship to see the universe with tail blazing burning and freezing i hear its freezing in space freezing like this fever like an icecube in a fire burning and freezing and im melting like that icecube melting into a puddle and evaporating into the clouds way way up there its kind of neat seeing the world from here and its so cold freezing cold and im part of the cloud part of a dark dark thunderstorm and its started raining and im a raindrop a tiny little raindrop and im falling falling through the empty sky i hit the ground and smash...

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