so ... kind of disappointed doesn't even cover my emotional state right now.

last night was a party - a Decemberween party (that's a birthday-costume party in december, for the uninitiated) - and i've been planning on going since Decemberween LAST year. found out a couple weeks ago, that my work scheduled me for a 2pm-10pm shift the same day. meaning, i would miss the party entirely. so i was all, "fuck."
so i posted on the board at work that i needed someone to take my shift. i posted like a week and a half beforehand. and no one took it. a few people said they would take it but were already working. very helpful, thanks.
so i had to miss the AWESOMEST party of the year. so i was all, "FUCK." and sadfaced. and went to work and worked cash for eight hours. and i hate cash.

and to follow up on that? another disappointment. fun.
this evening was Christmas dinner at the boyfriend's. and i was looking forward to that too. but guess what? it starts snowing this morning. beautiful fluffy make-the-roads-all-slippery snow. so i was all, "fuck."
and so dad says, "well, i probably won't be driving you out there." insert sadface here too. so then i let the boyfriend know. and he's all, "well i'll ask if i can use the four-by-four, and come and pick you up." so i cross my fingers as hard as i can.
and he calls back and says, "i can't use it, so i can't pick you up." so i was all, "FUCK!" and sadtearyfaced.

so i'm in a bit of a state right now, and really fucking disappointed. AND pissed. because i was hoping so hard for those, and to be disappointed so much twice in a row is just harsh.
life fucking sucks sometimes.

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