mmm. presents. nom.

oh yeah. it was christmas. heh it kind of snuck by and i didn't blog any kind of christmas greetings. i know, lame, hey? oh well.

so. merry christmas.

so what'd i get for said christmas? cos you all care so much.
well. thanks for your interest. let's start with the small stuff and work our way up.

got a cute little ring with a dark grey enamel flower on it from my cousin.

got a black bracelet, very cute, cuff type with woven leather, kind of hard to describe but i like it; also from my cousin.

got small bottles of vanilla scented body wash and skin cream, and some korean nail decal sticker things, cutesy as all get out, tiny green flowers, and red flowers, and white flowers with pink stalks, and green flowers with pink stalks, and red and green flowers with pink leaves. so adorable. from my uncle and aunt.

got a black wallet; from aunt's mother.

got $25 winners gift card; from my mama.

got $25 in iTunes music money; $15 from my cousin, $10 from my mama.

got a green purse, very cute; from my cousin.

got a black suede jacket and a black silk/cotton blend scarf from my mama.

got an ikea queensize down duvet + 2 pillows from my grandma, and black ikea duvet cover + pillowcases from my oma. but i know my mom did the shopping. XD

so i'm pretty grateful and all. :)

so yeah. how was YOUR christmas? comment and tell me! cos i wanna know! and i gotta have more than just two responses - pretty please? cos that's all i had last time. people. i know you read my blog. honestly. so stop lurking and tell me what you got for christmas! <3
oh yeah and my 100th post is coming up soonish, being as this is my 95th post. and i might just have a surprise coming up for that one. we'll see.

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