my christmas wishlist.

and yes, i know some of these are way way WAY out of the question. but that's why it's called a WISH-list. man - dontcha hate growing up? suddenly you want expensive things. but at least it's a jumping-off point for a more reasonable list...

(image from flickr: AnthonyCarlucci)
1. laptop

(image from flickr: Mademoiselle → M)
2. iPhone (or will those work on the rogers network? dunno. oh well.)
or even just a new/better phone than the one i've got.
because the one i've got now is dead and dying.

(image from flickr: Mike Wood Photography)
3. corset - a real one.

(image from flickr: miettedarling)
4. another piercing - or maybe a tat, a small one.

(image from flickr: Fivel-)
5. pretty much any kind of, you know, black/gothic clothing

(image from flickr: Peter Hinson)
or REALLY ambitious:
6. a piece from gibbous fashions
(oh please oh please oh please)

(image from flickr: ashley.adcox)
7. tickets to see TFK

(image from zambooie: TFK Skeleton T-shirt)
8. or a piece of TFK merch, maybe.

(image from flickr: hvyilnr)
9. twilight dvd? or maybe the books?

(image from flickr: balo_erets)
10. a proper acoustic guitar.

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