day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

so this is the first blog challenge day that's late so far - but i had a busy day for an excuse.

plus i couldn't think of any one person. especially cos i wasn't sure if fictional people were allowed.

at first i thought Bono - cos he's a rockstar. and it would be fricken awesome to be Bono for a day - i think. besides the opposite-gender thing. anyways.
and then i thought of Isis Mussenden - she did the costumes for Narnia. and i would know that cos i'm a geek. and i would love to do that.
or then i thought it would be awesome to be a librarian or a museum curator or something for a day, not a specific person but a type of person.

but if i could be a fictional person, i would be Arwen, or i would be Harry (short for Angharad) from The Blue Sword.

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