day 22- what makes you different from everyone else

oh my.
  • i sing random songs at random times at work
  • i knit (which for my age group is not too common - i actually had some friends laugh at me because they brought me along to a bar, and i brought my knitting along to the bar too)
  • i like to make bread from scratch - i made another batch this morning at about 3am, and it's turned out better than the first batch did, so i'm reasonably happy about that.
  • i live at night and sleep during the day - that's different from most people :P
  • i remember stuff. really well.
the thing is, there are probably people out there who match some of these, maybe there's even someone who is the same, point for point. so i'm not different from EVERYONE else. but you take these and all the other things that make me ME, and you have a unique person, but i don't have the time or the brainpower to list EVERYTHING about myself, because i would have to do that in order to show exactly how i'm different from everyone else.
oh well.
this will do.


  1. You do have a freakishly amazing memory. You always have hey? That's something I wish I had.

  2. Me too. My brain is mush comparatively.