calling a vote:

... what do you people, you, my loyal readers, think?
here's the thing.
i like to write poetry.
i like to inflict it upon you, by posting it in my blog, where you are pounced upon, all unsuspecting, and are made to read it. either that, or you just leave after scanning it and deciding it's not that interesting.

so i want to know - do you mind my poetry being inflicted upon yourselves?
do you want to see more? less? different? (eg. a mock ballad in heroic couplets? a sonnet or two? haikus? ... because i am not doing any of those. EVAR. just for the record.)

or do you just want the blogs, the mostly factual day-to-day life&photos?

help me out here.

i write all this, you lot read it. so i wanna know what you wanna read.
or i come over there and make you.
just kidding.

at least about the coming over there part.



  1. I like the poetry. But it's hard to keep my for long poems. My official opinion:

    More poems, but keep the number of long ones at the current level and just do more shorter ones. After that, read my blog. blog.levisan.co.cc

  2. I like reading your stuff. I always think you should make them into songs :P