mushrooms. yep.

my brother was looking for something to make for his lunch for school tomorrow.

i was scooping (read, wrestling) icecream into a bowl.

this is the conversation that ensued.

Brother: there's no sandwich meat.

Mom: use what we have.

brother finds liverwurst, starts spreading it on his sandwich.

Me: liverwurst is good with cream cheese, you know.

Brother: we have no cream cheese.

i go to the fridge, open the drawer. oh look. cream cheese.

Me: you mean this cream cheese? cos it doesn't look like mushrooms to me.
(i was just trying to pick something random that the cream cheese wasn't.)

i hand over the cream cheese and head back to my wrestling match with the ice cream.

Brother: you're ON mushrooms.

Me: no, i'm not. cos if i were, your face would be purple. and i'd be digging lava out of a flowerpot.

brother makes WTF face.

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