yes i am a very bad person.

yeah. i know. i didn't post for about two weeks - and missed halloween, which should have been the big finale. but it didn't work out that way. so whatever. i did carve two pumpkins, though... the one to the left there is the one i did for my little sister (supposedly it's hers. she DID pick out the design, but i did all the work - she wouldn't even help dig out the seeds, she thought they were the grossest thing ever.) and the one below and to the right is the one i did as myself. it epically rocks, if i do say so myself.
my life's been pretty boring the last little while - boring but busy - why do those two go together so often? oh well. some hanging out with my boyfriend (still so weird to say that! lol), some reading, some singing, a LOT of working... some sewing, some cleaning... oh yeah - i cleaned my room! in two days my room went from ankledeep in CRAP to a spotless floor! i vacuumed, and felt so accomplished! ... it's ... accumulated a few things since then - but it'll be easy to clean it up now. anyway.
oh and take a little peek at the hole i paid money to have poked in my face:
it hurt like fuck to get it done. but i am so so happy i did. i love it. :)

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