stories of fail.

so it's remembrance day... i was going to knit a poppy to wear, but i failed epically. lol.
i have been trying to do the hundredpushups.com challenge, the twohundredsitups.com challenge, and the twohundredsquats.com challenge.
finished day one on monday and should have done day two today - but i can't even do four pushups in a row now after day one. gahh. i think i could maybe do day two of the situps and squats, but i don't think i'm even going to try. i still have to go to work today, where i'll be carrying heavy armloads of clothes around.
so i'll probably just do day two tomorrow, and put two days' rest between days instead of one day of rest - at least til i get used to the exertion.
so yeah.
work=time&ahalf today :D

oh yeah and MCR's song "Welcome to the Black Parade" = one of the best songs evar.

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