people are so weird sometimes.

... like the lady in the fitting room at work who complained because our manager opened the door while she was changing - hello? how's she supposed to know there's someone in there? oh yeah. you lock the door. so that it then says "occupied" on the outside. you'd think people would know that. but apparently not.

... or the lady who came into my work and who asked my advice about the colours of a jacket for her daughter, who wasn't there, but was going to receive said jacket as a gift. and then five minutes later came and found me and asked me to try on the jacket, because i apparently have a similar build to the said daughter. you'd think she'd know her own daughter's size and preferences as to colour. but apparently not.

... or the one girl who came into the fitting room to try on a couple of things and got stuck in a dress - a stretchy dress, as in, no zipper - so i had to go into the back of the fitting room with her and get it off her. in the end i got her to put up her arms as if she was a five-year-old, and pulled it up over her head. you'd think she'd know what size she was, and therefore what size to pick up off the rack. but apparently not.

... and then there's the two ladies who were looking through the 8-18 boys' pants, and asked where the size 8 jeans were - yeah. um. right in front of you. literally.

... or the lady who came through my till and every second item, stopped me just before i rang it through, going, "no, never mind, i don't want that..." - honestly, you're wasting my time and yours. if you didn't want it, why put it in your cart to begin with??

seriously. people are weird. that's all there is to it.

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