job interview ... (a.k.a. part II)

... is over, and went pretty well, on the whole, i hope....
of course, like anyone else, now that it's over i'm worried that i might have said the wrong thing, answered questions wrong, talked too much, or some other problem happened, whereby i would not get the job after all .... and to some extent i'm not sure if i want the job, cos it's all cash all the time, and i never liked cash when i was at winners. but it is what it is, and if i'm meant to have it, i'll get it. so there.
deep breath.
they said they'd get in touch with me pretty quick, cos they're short-staffed at present. and i might even get full-time. which would be awesome. i think. if i don't burn out first. but at least i'd never be there past 6.30 in the evening. which would be sweet! especially after winners, when i'd get out at 10 at night. argh. that was not fun. anyways. that's my life and update for the day.
toodles, all.

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