now what?

so a while back, you may remember, i was bitching about UFV's website. well i did apply for a course, eventually - the CIS program path, starting with CIS 146, intermediate web design - and i got a letter this afternoon from them, with my student ID and instructions for logging in to the website with it, and they're still processing my application.
so i logged in, and discovered i have a UFV email address now and everything. it's kind of exciting and kind of scary at the same time. and i'm just like, "oh wait i did really apply didn't i and what on earth did i get myself into?!?!?!"

oh yeah and i went for a walk this morning and passed a guy with the biggest blackest black eye i ever saw. like he just got hit last night or something, srsly.


  1. Having a student login is really handy to getting student discounts in-store. They just ask you to sign in to your account, and you're all good to go.

  2. yeah, i could see that.
    but i'm still scared because i'm now practically a post-secondary student. which is pretty terrifying.